Business Consulting Approach

98Degrees Strategic Management Services, we approach our advisory mandate with an understanding that the very principles we apply in solving business (challenges, translating these into tangible and robust solution-matrix projects), must be measurable and reflected in the way we reach the result, achieve impact and deliver value. Simply put, it’s all about value and that’s what we stake our reputation on.

This “value-impact-outcome” ethic resonates at the very heart of our business consulting model and core competencies:

Our Process

An initial, no-charge consulting service is held to allow the key stakeholders to engage, discuss and assess the business need, orientate the team around the problem areas and interpret the opportunities. Our 7-Stage Process™ methodology is based on the critically-acclaimed book written by Carl Gould. This method has helped thousands of businesses increase their sales, create better lead generation systems, and control their costs.
We can help you too! During your analysis, we can identify which stage you are in currently, and which stage you wish to grow to.

These sessions can include discussion around anything from the broad picture and top-line status-quo matters right through to very specific issues that the business may be facing. A situational understanding is captured for future drill-down mapping.

Discussion around work scoping and timings are arranged and the process is initiated. Schedule your analysis today!