98Degrees Strategic Management Services

At 98Degrees Strategic Management Services is a highly successful and accomplished South African business management consulting company whose reach, through its affiliate network, spans the entire globe and whose experience includes all major arenas of commerce and industry.

Based in Bedfordview, Johannesburg Pieter Meyer and the 98Degrees team have helped lead enterprise transformation by assessing all aspects of the business’ health and formulating best-fit strategy and executional plans to ensure that businesses maximise their potential for success.
Have you run out of things to try as you deal with your business problems?

Our passion for positive business outcomes has lead us to emerge as industry leaders in management consulting, helping enterprises set up strategy, plan and lead business transformation projects, foster enduring relationships and deliver sustainable business breakthroughs. 98Degrees offers small and medium enterprises a uniquely comprehensive, reliable and industry expert lead business advisory service.

Our value is based on first-hand practical experience, seasoned insight and know-how, a vast plethora of intellectual property and a virtually unrivaled network of contacts. Through his accreditation by the IIB and 7Stage Advisors, founding partner Pieter Meyer, offers clients the ultimate platform upon which to access executive advice and know-how from virtually any industry, anywhere in the world.

The Institute for Independent Business (IIB), headed up in the UK, ensures that its 25-year-old global network of business specialists, operating across 27 countries and numbering over 5000, are accessible when necessary to drive value into businesses right around the globe. Working in small teams designed around the business need, 98Degrees Strategic Management Services ensures that you get the right expertise in the right place quickly and affordably, and assures the highest level of confidentiality.

7-Stage Advisors with its HQ in New Jersey, USA operates across the globe. The 7-Stage Process™ is based on the best-selling book by Carl Gould. A lifelong entrepreneur and business owner, Carl has been at the forefront of the entrepreneurial community globally. Carl has teamed up with #1 International bestselling authors Ken Blanchard and Stephen R. Covey on their latest book project, Blueprint for Success. Gould has been a coach, mentor and advisor for the last two decades, serving organisations, non-profits and enterprises of all sizes.

Gould has built three multi-million dollar businesses by age 40, and now trains and certifies consultants in the methods that have made him successful. Now, the 7-Stage Process™ is available to you for use on your own enterprise. Use the process, work with your advisor and results are sure to follow!

Business chemistry is the very life-force for establishing great working relationships, and we’re proud of the many long standing partnerships we’ve entrenched with our clients, based on enduring value and mutual prosperity.

Our track record demonstrates tireless passion and commitment as many of our working relationships span years, and encompass the many challenges, innovations, and unwavering appetite for success we have become known for - a proudly professional rapport we’ve built our brand on:

Our Values
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Passion
  • Commitment
  • Inventiveness

Our Critical Success Drivers
Our Values
  • Global
  • Value outcomes driven
  • Partnership
  • Ingenuity

Our Professional Track Record
  • Our proven and trusted consulting model
  • Keeping our promises
  • Our core “Principles of Success”
  • Our people

Our Cultural Credo - What inspires us…
Beyond the science of running a business is the magic of business chemistry and however daunting the challenge of the day, the 98degrees team is inspired by an instinct for success and strive to uphold the corporate mantra that “problems are simply the raw ingredients for profit”.

Why Choose 98Degrees Strategic Management Services

At 98Degrees Strategic Management Services we not only share a common passion for never accepting the “impossible” but we actively cultivate a culture of free-wheel thinking that can often challenge the boundaries of conformity and uncover bold opportunities from new-found perspective. This instinct for successes lies at the heart of our brand essence and enables us to deliver key-critical benefits:

Creating sustainability
Creating sustainability within the business through an independent “virtual board of directors”
Cost Effective
Cost effective implementation of action plans. Having the necessary resources available as and when required at no additional staff cost
Worldwide Expertise
A worldwide network with expertise to deal with any situation encountered during the project.
This will ensure best-practise is implemented within the business.
One-Stop Solution
You can enjoy a one-stop solution, ensuring continuity and successful implementation of impact solutions Training and skills transfer through our hands-on philosophy of business.