Operational Excellence

Performance Management

As most CEO’s and top management know, to achieve the “right” business results and more so, to achieve these consistently over time means that the performance of its people will most influence the organisations ability to achieve its strategic goals. A key performance management framework is essential, together with the ability to evolve and adapt performance management culture at each level of the organisation. At 98Degrees Strategic Management Services we work with our clients in helping define the gaps in accountability, performance measurement metrics, policy refinement and even organisational resource structuring. The result is a highly effective blend of change management, operating model refinement and performance management frameworks that place companies and their people in a better position to succeed.

Performance management extends to various areas of the business' operational competency and 98Degrees Strategic Management Services’ highly experienced team of specialist consultants will assist clients with the evolution and optimisation of key business results in the following areas:

Business Process Management

Value chain assessment, resource integration and optimisation of people, process and technology to deliver the business advantage.

Supply Chain Management

Mapping, measurement and improvement in process management - 98Degrees Strategic Management Services can optimise the way in which inventory moves through an organisation to ensure its maximum value is realised.

Sourcing & Procurement Excellence

Ensuring that your trade is capturing maximum value from the supplier base that services it is paramount, whether you are realising discounts on volumes or reliant on intangible value from turnaround lead times for your business advantage,98Degrees Strategic Management Services assists companies with strategic sourcing and procurement optimisation strategies that allow you to foster long term relationships with suppliers based on real mutual value.

Cash Management Services

Administrative payment processes and the cost of handling cash through your doors is a risk in most businesses, that is often at best, gravely misunderstood. Spiraling finance charges and the risks of cash carrying require sound policy and operational frameworks to not only ensure control but actively delivery savings on trade.

98Degrees Strategic Management Services strategic alliance with SA’s premier electronic payment service provider SAPE, means that we offer our clients massive savings, convenient and timely delivery, and peace of mind against all payments like salaries, creditors, debit orders and other incidental payments made on a day-to-day basis.

Operational Risk Management

Establishing the necessary framework to enable business to identify its risks early, evaluating the adequacy of control measures, determining the company’s risk appetite and calculating residual risk profiles - at 98Degrees Strategic Management Services we help our clients take control of their risk management portfolio and allow for informed decision making at the appropriate levels of management to avoid adverse value impact and disruption to vision critical business focus.

Marketing & Sales

Whether you are planning a major marketing drive and require branding and campaign support, or need to boost your sales team’s performance, 98Degrees Strategic Management Services provides a comprehensive cross-cutting range of consulting services to assist value return for marketing efforts.

Attracting new key accounts and more importantly emphasising valuable exponential sales from existing customer bases requires well trained, well-motivated sales teams to ensure long term relationships are developed around the company’s strategic objectives. 98Degrees Strategic Management Services will assist organisations with everything from sales training programs to after-sales care, sales incentive programmes and the incorporation of new technology-lead CRM platforms to boost team performance. New product and service launches, corporate and product branding, campaigning and publicity generation are also key aspects of the 98Degrees Strategic Management Services offering and we will work with clients and their agencies to ensure maximum value return for their marketing spend.

Business Coaching & Mentorship

As 98Degrees Strategic Management Services prides itself on relationships that imbue personalised and entrenched focus and attention, we are well placed to offer high level Executive Coaching and Mentorship programmes as well as the “Executive on Loan Programme” - dedicated to tailoring complimentary professional success.