A Few Tough Questions...

Is your business troubled or profit challenged? Is it requiring more time and effort to maintain much less growth? Here are some of the important vital checks you can perform to quickly assess whether your business is on the right track ...

12 Vital Distress Signals

Here are a few key indicators that your business may need help:

  • Is your business working harder, profiting less? Has your business lost its original driving focus?
  • Does your business lack appropriate business systems to drive profits?
  • Has your net profit become whatever is left over at the end of the year?
  • Does your organisation often seem to stall without your direct involvement?
  • Are you unable to be out of the office, without frequent business interruptions?
  • Does not knowing your true product/service costs make pricing a dangerous guess?
  • Are you able to compile your budget and profit - and achieve it?
  • Does your business control you, rather than you directing it?
  • Do you feel your in-house competencies and capacity may be lacking?
  • Do you suspect your business is experiencing problems in key areas and need a specialist to help you address them?
  • Have you run out of things to try as you deal with your business problems?

Did you answer yes?

If you answered yes to any of the following, you may well need a fresh perspective on helping your business achieve its best.

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