A-Z Support Services

Starting a New Business Venture?

98Degrees Strategic Management Services understands just how important the initial stages of a business startup are - the initial conceptual framing, business planning and operational formulation of a new trading entity , and how these dynamics become key-critical to its future success.

98Degrees strategic services include all aspects of business start-up:

  • Business concept direction and validation
  • Business plan origination and direction
  • Business registration, legal, copyrighting and trade marking
  • Corporate Identity / Brand Identityorigination and execution
  • Business model, operational model and management model design
  • Target market segmentation
  • Product, channel and go-to-market strategy design
  • Marketing planning and execution
  • Sales & distribution strategy
  • Service and after-care strategy
  • Financial planning
  • Regulatory accreditation, and trade-ready formalisation
  • Logistics technology and planning