Business Modelling & Evolution Strategy

Business Modelling & Evolution Strategy

Strategic Business Model Design, Operational Model Design, Value Proposition & Product Design, Project Portfolio & Capitalisation Strategy

Strategic Business Model Design

98Degrees Strategic Management Services works with clients at all organisational levels to unlock business value by reshaping the very core of its profit engine. Design and redesign of a business model is usually undertaken at the most senior level of corporate management and 98Degrees will assign a team of highly skilled specialist directly to Boards to collaborate in the process. Understanding globalisation, commoditisation and technology trends and how these are impacting the very face of business, the team will aim to push the executive thinking beyond its comfort zone in re-inventing it’s business model.

Beyond the traditional focus of markets, products, services and operational improvements we assist board level and top-management in developing a common understanding of strategy, the business direction and a new and sustainable picture for future success.

Operational Model Design

The most effective operating models are those that best deliver against the organisational strategic objectives. Re-designing operational models is almost always premised against the respective operational best-practise norms however, whether the redesign constitutes the refinement of existing operational models, compliance measurement to existing processes or the complete reinvention along the revised business value chain, the lead consulting team at 98Degrees Strategic Management Services will always aim for the successful integration of people, process and technology with a focus on the key execution of functions that ensure overall growth.

Value Proposition & Product Design

Whether its understanding target market segmentation, how these segments’ needs to evolve, designing products to meet these needs, distribution and channeling - a successful value proposition and product design strategy will ensure that your business has a firm grasp of value chain exploitation against target market needs and that you are unlocking exciting new value generators in your business.

Project Portfolio & Capitalisation Strategy

Critical in driving overall business growth, strategic project intervention not only requires the necessary framework to drive ROI but should almost always reflect the broader strategy. Optimising efforts and investment in this space means that about half of the project investment portfolio should be geared toward growth and the remaining half, toward maintaining the business.

98Degrees Strategic Management Services provides a fully integrated and unbiased team of executive change management specialists who can quickly and effectively ensure objectives are met.